Cider Mill Operation

 In 1978 Lorne Ross and Roger Ross first began Stony Creek Orchards cider mill operation. Our delicious cider is made from a special blend of apple varities that are ground into apple mush. The apple mush is then dispenced into special blankets by a hose, where the mush in the blankets are layered between plastic slats.


Once the stack is about ten high the stack is hydraulically pressed by two-thousand pounds. The cider drips freely out of the blankets where it is caught and pumped into a special mixing tub. Here filter powder is added and the agitator thoroughly mixes the cider and powder.



When the cider is ready,  it is sent through a filter, which keep the cider sediment free or known as shake free. From the filter the cider goes into the final step, which is jugging and capping the final product.


 Our cider can be purchased by the Gallon, Half-gallon, Quart and by the glass. We also offer glasses of hot spiced cider, which is great on a chilly fall day!


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